• Graphic design
  • Vzaimno
  • The making of the Vzaimno name and logo

    Overview• Process

    Coming up with a name and drawing sketches.

    vzaimno process 1

    The client chooses the name Vzaimno but asks us to think more about the symbol and add a succinct descriptor that would reflect the company’s line of business. Thinking.

    First designer:

    vzaimno process 2

    Second designer:

    vzaimno process 3

    Third designer:

    vzaimno process 4

    The client likes two directions. Elaborating and showing again.

    vzaimno process 6

    Deciding to go with a wordmark with the ИМ ligature. Going to the type designer for some beautiful letters. Searching for a nice transition between the И and the М and a special character of stroke ends.

    vzaimno process 7

    Choosing a fitting style and position for the caption.

    vzaimno process 8

    And a nice shade of blue.

    vzaimno process 9

    Admiring the result and sending files to the client.

    vzaimno process 10