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to design a logo.

Wazzapps is a Novosibirsk-based mobile games development studio. When they first opened, their logo was cool and trendy but over time it lost its appeal.

The guys wanted a logo that would show how ambitious, high-tech and witty they are, as well as look good on hoodies, spinners and t-shirts.

wa logo

How does one create a witty and high-tech logo?

Taking four designers, piling up ideas, discarding the most obvious ones and having a flash of genius: “let’s write the name of the company in pixels!” Twenty five variations of the same logo later it’s done.

wa things

The result is a modern logo with a pleasant play. At first glance it’s just a symbol, a chaotic combination of bright pixels or a QR code from another planet. But if you look closely, you can see that it’s actually a word! The letters are arranged in colorful steps.

The elements of the logo—pixel letters and solid pixels of various colors—can be easily combined in an endless variety of recognizable patterns in the company’s signature style.

The logo looks great on all souvenirs in the world.

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