WomanJournal corporate identity

WomanJournal corporate identity guidelines (PDF, in Russian, 117 MB)

Problem. Create a new logo and supply identity ideas.

WomanJournal (womanjournal.ru) is a website about fashion, sex, celebrities, diets, cellulite, weddings, children, career, make-up, horoscopes, men and other things that might interest women and advertisers.

Heart logo

Women’s websites and online journals tend to look as if someone spilled and smeared around lots of jelly and then decorated it all with roses. And using peach jelly instead of strawberry and bellflowers instead of roses can never make a site stand out from the rest.

We came up with a number of vibrant and joyful identity pieces designed with multi-colored cut-out shapes.

Our designers scissored severals packs of paper to make a shoe, a cursor, male Mars and female Venus signs, a star, a novinkus star, a speech bubble, a doggy, a strawberry, a hair dryer and a martini glass.

Release date: May 13 2008


artistic director
art director
privy councilor
type designer

All items on a women’s website should cast pink shadows

Different colorful bits can be shuffled, which allows constructing variable logos.

Each set includes items related to the female world and the Internet

Black and white logo

Shapes like bras, lipsticks, dresses, magazines, ice cream, jewels, purses and a dozen more are left out for now. Our client’s designers are going to cut out new symbols to be featured on the site and in their ads and banners.

In addition to the cut-outs comes an image of a girl reading in the bathtub

Bathroom is women’s natural habitat

Colored paper silhouette technique is greatly recognizable, so multi-colored multi-layered elements can be genuinely used to design the WomanJournal site and presentation materials.

More sophisticated layer compounds also comply with the concept

The more people are there at a meeting, the prettier the combination

Oh my!

Order a design...