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Packaging for Woshi-Woshi bath salts

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to develop a packaging for bath salts.

Woshi-Woshi line of products includes bath salts made of sea salt with herb and flower extracts. The packaging design is built around Japanese motifs, inspired by the line’s brand name. The salts enchancers include bur marigold, chamomile, calendula, celandine, aloe, and yarrow. The product’s name in Japanese and the plant’s detail are placed up front on the face label. The plant’s full image is woven into the background pattern.

woshi woshi salt kiba
Aloe helps prevent wrinkles
woshi woshi salt hanabira
Bur marigold softens the skin
woshi woshi salt izumi
Celandine fights germs
woshi woshi salt furo
Calendula cures the common cold
woshi woshi salt hatsukoi
Chamomile relieves stress
woshi woshi salt ayashi
Yarrow protects against skin irritants

All six unique backgrounds share the same parent pattern.

Each plant extract has its own effect

Release date: February 08 2013


art director
technical designer
project managers

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