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    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Design a print layout.

    Yamaha often uses print advertising. For them we created page layouts and grids together with detailed guidelines.

    Lifestyle ad
    Product line-up ad

    Release date: June 05 2009


    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Andrey Zubrilov
    Anton Shnayder
    Natalya Antsiferova
    Zhdan Filippov
    Iskander Mukhamadeev
    Valeria Lanshakova
    Irakli Agladze
    Aleksey Luri
    Double-page spread with a large photo

    The guidelines tell them how to mark up a page, where to put various products’ logos, how to handle dark images, how to design the list of distributors, what to do with photographs of featured music celebrities, etc.

    How to arrange vertical images

    How to handle blocks of extra information

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