Making of Yamaha print ads

Overview   Process  

Problem: Come up with a bright concept for an ad campaign.

Each group of products needed to be presented in a unique way. And then there had to be a uniform layout.

Celebrity-Drawn idea draft:

Life-Size idea draft:

I-Can-See-Music idea. This one was the best, we made it the theme.

Brainstorming sketches made up using images found on the Web.

Ads for different groups of products:

Developing the concept.

Designs and textures:

The clients asked us to try some more designs, and make the products larger to attract more attention.

“The background patterns should be yet more subtle and the products yet more dominant.”

And here the problem changed.

Problem: Develop an advertising concept to show off Yamaha products, with no distracting elements.

The idea was to arrange all the components, specs and advantages of the instruments in such a way that it would resemble a sound wave or a visualizer. I-Can-See-Music again, but differently:



And at this point the problem changed.

Problem: Create a bright design.

We brought back the wave:

And then the problem changed.

Problem: Make simple page layout grids.

In the end, we calmed down the type, diligently organized logos and slogans, and created the grid.

Hey yay.

Order a design...