Advertising campaign for Yandex.Disk

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Task: to advertise a cloud service.

People use Yandex.Disk to store all kinds of files, even those they do not normally publish in social networks. Here they can easily open them on various devices, explore, download and show them to their friends. Yandex.Disk is a perfect way to exchange lecture notes, drawings, audio recordings of lectures, photographs of fellow students, party videos and other materials vital to every student. Advertising posters are hung in Russian universities.

yandex disk student poster
An ocean of useful documents

To attract additional attention to the service, we created a series of teaser ads and banners for the main page of the search engine and its partner websites.

yandex disk student icons
Works on all devices
yandex disk student banners
Special versions for different scenarios

The promotional website created at the studio clearly demonstrates the main advantages of the service and explains how to start using it.

Release date: October 16 2013


artistic director
art director
designer and copywriter
technical designers
project managers
The studio would like to thank Olga Zarenok and Andrey Novoshinsky for their assistance with the project
yandex disk student site
Division of intellectual labor

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