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Yandex.Kit logo and corporate identity

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Task: to develop a logo and a corporate identity for a mobile service.

Yandex.Kit is a set of Yandex applications and technologies in a unified shell that comes preinstalled on Android devices and extends their functionality. Name, logo, corporate identity and a series of slogans for Yandex.Kit were created at the studio.

yandex kit logo
The main logo

The logo is a stylized whale (the English word kit sounds like Russian кит, meaning whale) which is made of colorful arcs and resembles a signal strength icon, indicating the technological nature of the service and its relation to mobile devices. The logo is adapted for all necessary media: screens, packaging and advertising materials.

Release date: February 21 2014


artistic director
art director
chief typesetter
project managers

yandex kit packages
Logo on packaging

yandex kit outdoor
Slogans for various purposes

Rules for using the logo and its application in various situations are given in the style guide.

yandex kit bb ads
Opening of the guide on using the style in partner advertising

Whenever it is impossible to print the logo directly on the box, stickers can be used which can be full-colored, holographic, hot stamped or embossed.

yandex kit bb stickers
Opening of the guide on packaging stickers

All of Yandex in your hand
All of Yandex in your hand

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