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    The making of the Yandex.Kit logo and corporate identity

    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    The copywriter comes up with names for Yandex services. Meanwhile we are piling up sketches.

    yandex kit process 01

    The client chooses two names: Yandex.Kit and Yandex.Motor.

    Presenting the names with logo sketches and slogans.

    yandex kit process 02

    The client picks the whale. Blending the whale shape with Yandex application icons.

    yandex kit process 03

    Trying to use lines.

    yandex kit process 04

    The copywriter generates a bunch of slogans.

    yandex kit process 04 2

    Gathering ideas from several designers. Presenting four concepts to the client.

    yandex kit process 05
    yandex kit process 06

    The client picks the Radiation concept. Working with arcs, tails and fountains.

    yandex kit process 07

    The client asks to keep the waves extending out of the tail and the fountain.

    yandex kit process 08

    Choosing the colors.

    yandex kit process 09

    Assembling the style guide.

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