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  • It Goes Well Together ad campaign

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a set of promotional materials.

    The new advertising campaign for Yandex Wardrobe is based on the face cut-out board, which allows you to try on the new clothes.

    yandex market banners2 05
    Hardcore skater

    yandex market banners2 01
    Happy diver

    yandex market banners2 02
    Lady with a dog

    yandex market banners2 03
    Businessman on a trip

    yandex market banners2 04
    Student on vacation

    People, clothes, and accessories displayed on banners all represent movement—which supports the original slogan:
    It Goes Well Together. The set of clothes varies depending on selected category.

    Release date: July 10 2013


    artistic director
    art director
    designer & copywriter
    technical designers
    project manager

    The studio would like to thank Olga Zarenok and Natalia Berezneva for their assistance on the project

    yandex market banners2 legs

    All the elements are adapted to the required banner size.

    yandex market banners2 site
    Sometimes the ad’s layout makes characters move around in unusual ways

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