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    Yandex 8.0

    [The work is in the museum]

    This is the eighth version of Yandex—Russia’s most popular, most visited and best search engine.

    Start-up page for millions

    After a strict revision, only the crucial and most demanded things endure on Yandex main page. Finding links to all major services and internal pages of the search engine is as easy as that.

    Art. Lebedev Studio designers spent a lot of time developing a single set of rules of interface building for all services of the new Yandex.

    The search field became universal: from now on, working with all of Yandex search services will be equally simple

    Users will appreciate the advantages of having a Yandex account: page customization options, the indicator of the number of unread messages in the mailbox etc.

    Release date: September 23 2003


    art director and designer

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