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  • The making of the Yandex.Taxi advertising campaign

    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    Studying ads for taxi apps created in other countries.

    yandex taxi process 00

    Calling designers together, brainstorming.

    yandex taxi process 01 new
    yandex taxi process 02

    Calling designers together, brainstorming.

    The client opts for a concept with an emphasis on how fast the car arrives. Making dozens of sketches, drawing illustrations, writing slogans, designing text potions, preparing ads for print, submitting them to the client. Just a few days left before the campaign launch.

    Suddenly the client announces that he also likes the taxi-smartphone concept and asks us to create another campaign.

    Setting off.

    yandex taxi process 17
    yandex taxi process 19

    Choosing the sketch where the car is yellow, it is shown from the back, and the angles of the phone are rounded. Deciding to show the car from the hood instead of the rear.

    Choosing the angle that would look good on billboards, street ads, and the face of Hydroproject building.

    yandex taxi process 20

    Drawing a vector map.

    Asking Timur to tell us about headlights, bumpers, and grids. Trying to avoid similarities with any particular car model and to keep the distinctive features of a phone.

    Studying the city requirements for advertisements on the face of Hydroproject building. The billboard shouldn’t be brightly lit at night not to disturb local residents. Designing the night version.

    yandex taxi process 22

    The lighting isn’t enchanting enough. Superimposing the picture on itself with overlay, putting the copyright mark, sending the ad to print.

    Order a design...