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Task: to create a modern logo for Yaroslavl.

Founded in the 11th century, Yaroslavl is one of the oldest and most beautiful Russian cities. Its historic center is located at the meeting point of two rivers—Volga and Kotorosl—and included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. The modern logo of the city is not meant to replace its traditional symbols (coat of arms, flag and mascot), but rather is designed to have its own applications.

yaroslavl logo

yaroslavl logo anatomy 01
yaroslavl logo anatomy 02
yaroslavl logo anatomy 03
yaroslavl logo anatomy 04
Anatomy of the logo: Medvezhy Ugol (Bear Corner), near which the city was founded, an arrow signifying the merger of the two rivers, Я, the first letter of the Russian name of the city, as well as a Russian personal pronoun I

Release date: December 26 2012


artistic director
art director and designer
project manager

The studio would like to thank Andrey Toropov and Roman Fomichev for their assistance with the project

Russian Я should be read as Y in the English version of the logo.

yaroslavl logo versions
Russian and English logos

The logo contains numerous interactive possibilities: it can be effortlessly filled with any content without losing its stable and recognizable form.

yaroslavl logo see you

yaroslavl logo map

yaroslavl logo dinner

The logo is universal: it can be easily copied by hand and allows for any liberty in reproduction of color, shape and texture.

yaroslavl logo love

yaroslavl logo fence

yaroslavl logo coffee

yaroslavl logo ice

yaroslavl logo textures

yaroslavl logo be back

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