The making of the Yaroslavl city logo

Overview   Process   Vector   Real Life  

It all started with Herman singing badly in The Queen of Spades opera and the art director resorting to thinking about work just to bear it. That’s when he had an insight about letter Я in the shape of an arrow. But the true understanding that the choice was indeed right came later, when he learned about Medvezhy Ugol (Bear Corner, a village near which Yaroslavl was founded) and the trident, which was on the Rurikovich family emblem as well as on an early Yaroslavl coat of arms.

yaroslavl process 01

Cultivating the idea.

yaroslavl process 02

Demonstrating to the client. The client passionately approves and endorses the logo.

yaroslavl process 03
yaroslavl process 04
yaroslavl process 05

Preparing the files.

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