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    Task: to design a logo and a visual identity for a resort.

    Yaroslavl Coast is a picturesque area located on the Rybinsk Sea shore. In the next few years, it is planned to develop it into a comfortable tourist and recreation area with modern leisure, entertainment and accommodation facilities. The studio designed a logo and visual identity for a resort.

    yaroslavskoe vzmorie logo
    The main logo

    The logo alludes to contour lines on topographic maps and nature patterns: tree growth rings, patterns on rocks and sea shells. Each division of the project got its own color version of the logo.

    yaroslavskoe vzmorie logos
    A set of simplified logos

    Release date: November 20 2012


    artistic director
    art director
    technical designer
    type designer
    project manager

    The rich color palette and the logo’s versatility leave room for development and expansion.

    yaroslavskoe vzmorie documentation
    Business documents illustrate the logo’s decorative possibilities

    The visual identity usage guidelines are included in the brandbook.

    yaroslavskoe vzmorie principles
    Pages on rules for placing the logo on the background
    yaroslavskoe vzmorie colors
    Pages on corporate colors
    yaroslavskoe vzmorie simplified logos
    Pages on the logo family

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