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    to create the largest automobile-related website.

    Za Rulem automobile magazine has been published since 1928. Today, it’s archive comprises over 80,000 articles. A website that allows to easily navigate these vast materials and to read and discuss the latest news of the auto industry was created at the studio.

    Main page

    The catalog includes articles of various years as well as introduces car brands and model ranges of manufacturers across the world.

    • 18 years
    • 1000 tags
    • 81 360 articles
    • 528 car brands
    • 100 000 registered users

    The contents of the pages adapt to the user’s tastes: the news feed is formed based on view history and topic subscriptions.

    Users can subscribe to almost anything

    New publication notifications are always visible

    News feed adapts to user’s preferences

    The notification system allows to quickly react to new comments in discussions.

    Visitors of the website actively communicate with each other

    A convenient website management system was implemented. Administrators can adjust banner advertisement according to users’ interests and parameters of their screens.

    Pages adapt to any device
    Pages adapt to any device

    As a result of the launch of the new platform and its further beta testing, almost all website performance indicators were improved.

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    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky


    • Ilya Parshukov
    • Anna Kleymenova
    • Andrey Kirillov
    • Sergey Steblina
    • Anatoly Burov
    • Oleg Maykhopar
    • Kirill Zhilinsky

    technical writer

    • Ilya Brovkin


    • Aleksandr Bulyga


    • Aleksey Smychagin
    • Aleksandr Volodko

    beta tester

    • Dmitry Muratov

    project managers

    • Elena Lebedeva
    • Fedor Borschev
    • Marina Potapova
    • Petr Afanasev
    • Karina Ibragimova