• Websites
  • The making of the Za Rulem magazine website

    Overview• Process

    Examining the current website, analyzing user scenarios, presenting them to the client.

    Thinking of ways to make reading articles comfortable and the news feed more personalized.

    Commencing interface design.

    Getting the client’s approval of the concept and starting to draw the pages.

    Coming up with the navigation system and options for placement of the most relevant articles on the main page.

    Meanwhile, the type designer improves the logo.

    Searching for the best layout for the Entire Website view.

    Simultaneously the important back end part of the project is being implemented. Predicting server load based on existing metrics and planned growth.

    To ensure seamless transition to the new website, synchronizing the old and new admin systems together with the client.

    Finalizing the lorem ipsum page looking at the design of all articles collected since 2003.

    Importing users from the old website.

    Fixing, commenting and redrawing all the small things based on the results of beta testing.