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We are always happy to welcome new design interns at our Moscow headquarters. If you’re interested, please send your portfolio and a brief note about yourself to We do not care what country you are from as long as we love your style.

List of interns

Name Country College Term

Mylène Richer France  Institut Supérieur de Design of Valenciennes  October 2015
Anna Marchuk Russia  British Higher School of Art & Design  September 2015
Olga Frolova Russia  British Higher School of Art and Design  August 2015
Tatyana Makarevich Russia  Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI)  July 2015
Anastasia Kulakova Russia  Moscow State University of Railway Engineering  September 2014
Alexandra Kosova Russia  Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture  September 2014
Natalya Korostelyova Russia  Tyumen State University  September 2014
Yulia Nikolaeva Russia  National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv  September 2014
Irina Bykova Russia  Voronezh State University  September 2014
Kseniya Yegorova Russia  Chuvash State Pedagogical University   September 2014
Rashid Zakiev Russia  Kazan (Volga region) Federal University  September 2014
Noëlline Demeilliers France  École de design Nantes Atlantique  July 2014
Sofia Solomko Russia  Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry  July 2014
Michele Daneluzzo Italy  University of Applied Arts Vienna  March 2014
Grigory Butin Russia  St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University  November 2013
Milyausha Basharova Russia  St. Martin’s Central College of Art & Design  September 2013
Thomas Essl Great Britain  Royal College of Art and Imperial College London  September 2013
Katarina Hornwall Sweden  School of Industrial Design, Lund University  September 2013
Stephen Perry Great Britain  Loughborough Design School, BA Industrial Design & Technology  July 2013
Aleksander Blagov Ukraine  Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts  May 2013
Ollie Hyde Great Britain  University of Brighton, Product Design  April 2013
Anthony Mols Great Britain  Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art, Product Design Engineering  March 2013
Anton Izotov Russia  “MAMI” Moscow State Technical University  March 2013
Michael Oechsle Australia  Monash University (BA of Engineering/BA of Industrial Design)  February 2013
James Wright Great Britain  Royal College of Art (MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering)  September 2012
Tim Bouckley Great Britain  Royal College of Art (MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering)  September 2012
Katia Pashinova Finland  Aalto University, School of Art, Design & Architecture (MA Furniture Design)  August 2012
Tobias Hauff Germany  Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Industrial Design  July 2012
Lutz Rief Germany  Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Industrial Design  May 2012
Olesya Shevchenko Estonia   Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (BA Product Design)   April 2012
Anna Hufnagel Germany   Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor Designer (FH)  February 2012
Tatiana Shcherbakova Russia  British Higher School of Art and Design  December 2011
Jean-Baptiste De Coninck France   Institut Supérieur de Design of Valenciennes  September 2011
Phil Brown Great Britain  University of Plymouth (BA 3D Design: Product Design)  September 2011
Denis Kalinin Russia  British Higher School of Art and Design   August 2011
Maria Borzilova Switzerland  École cantonale d'art de Lausanne  April 2011
Andrey Zhdanov Latvia  University of Latvia  April 2011
Petr Morugin Russia  Moscow Aviation Institute  April 2011
Andrey Kucher Ukraine  Lviv National Polytechnic University  April 2011
Evgenia Gavrilova Russia  Moscow State University of Culture and Arts  April 2011
Alisa Gelan Moldova  Shevchenko Transnistria State University  April 2011
Sushi Chao Taiwan  Royal College of Art  January 2011
Igor Lobanov Russia  Ural State Academy of Arts and Architecture  December 2010
Irina Fursina Russia  Moscow University of the Humanities and Economics  December 2010
Maria Noskova Russia  Russian State Tax Academy  December 2010
Konstantin Taranov Russia  Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry  December 2010
Aleksey Yakovlev Russia  Institute of Psychology and Education  November 2010
Darya Uspenskaya Russia  Voronezh State University  November 2010
Anastasia Tusheva Russia  Moscow Aviation Institute  November 2010
Natalya Grigoryeva Russia  Moscow State University of International Relations   November 2010
Daniel Watson UK  Royal College of Art (MA Industrial Design)  September 2010
Lyudmila Minina Russia  National Design Institute  August 2010
Stepan Cheltsov Russia  Moscow State University  August 2010
Elena Khokhrina Russia  Moscow Academy of Industry and Finance  August 2010
Anastasiya Kuskova Russia  Moscow State University  August 2010
Dmitry Vasin Russia  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology   August 2010
Nina Wolf Germany  University of Applied Sciences, Coburg  July 2010
Artem Sazonov Russia  British Higher School of Art and Design  April 2010
Benjamin Flannaghan UK  Loughborough University  April 2010
Alexander Ward UK  Loughborough University  December 2009
Luis Alvarez Mexico    November 2009
Adam Paterson UK  Royal College of Art, London  September 2009
Hyuh Jin Lee Korea  Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK  August 2009
Allan George France  International School of Design, Valenciennes   May 2009
Jack Watson UK  Coventry University  March 2009
Max Shkinder Ukraine  Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design  November 2008
Ji Young Shon Korea  Royal College of Art, London, UK  September 2008
Lin Tao China  Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden  August 2008
Lysandre Follet France  CREAPOLE-ESDI  June 2008
Bronwen Ross Canada  University of Alberta  June 2008
Xenia Toueva Germany  University of Applied Science, Darmstadt  May 2008
Alfred Klomp The Netherlands  Delft University of Technology  February 2008
Martin Zampach Czech Republic  University of Tomas Bata  November 2007
Cornelius Comanns Germany  Munich University of Applied Sciences  November 2007
Andrea Novali Italy  Polytechnic University of Milan  October 2007
Martin Güntert Germany  School of Art and Design, Kassel  September 2007
Yoonnyong Bahk Korea  Royal College of Art, London, UK  August 2007
Annika Larsson Sweden  Umeå Institute of Design  August 2007
Nicolas Harrison UK  University of Northumbria  May 2007
John Barbier USA  Savannah College of Art and Design  March 2007
Sandra Kosorotova Estonia  Estonian Academy of Arts  February 2007
Jonas Stallmeister Germany  University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt  February 2007
Michael Wruck Germany  Harz University of Applied Studies and Research, Wernigerode  January 2007
Martin Loistl Germany  University for Art and Design, Halle  October 2006
Bertrand Clerc France  International School of Design, Valenciennes  September 2006
Franz Gabel Germany  University for Art and Design, Halle  June 2006
Marina Previsic Switzerland  University of Applied Sciences, Aargau  February 2006

Current openings

Location: New York

Sales manager
Business development manager

To apply, write us about yourself in plain text and send it to together with a link to your Facebook page and attached resume in PDF format.

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