March 23
ISR Trans corporate identity 2.0 created

Spring pattern created

March 22
Cover for How to Make a Child Happy by Oleg Lenkov designed

March 21
Spetskabel website designed

March 20
International Day of Happiness poster designed

March 16
R-Bank logo, office interior, mobile application, promo website and card packaging created

March 13
Gazprom website 3.0 designed

March 10
Poligenko logo created

March 7
International Women’s Day poster designed

March 3
Demilie website 2.0 created

February 27
Nero Electronics smart home wall panels designed

February 22
Defender of the Motherland Day poster (2017) created

February 21
Kalugatransmash website designed

February 20
Russia — My History advertising campaign created

February 17
Fomin Botanical Garden logo designed

February 16
Estestvoznanie gentlemen’s clubs name and logo created

February 15
Gosloto 4 out of 20 lottery interface created

February 14
Valentine’s Day poster created

February 10
Facets pattern is now available in studio's stores

February 9
Katafotus reflective pins 2.0 created

February 8
Two new styles added to Syys Script typeface

February 7
The Sign installed in Tambov

Demilie exhibition stand designed

February 6
Fontanus-2 drinking fountain designed

January 27
Cover design for Monetizing Innovation by Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke created

January 26
Rzhevskaya Metro station design concept created

January 19
Fontanus-1 drinking fountain designed

January 18
Cover for Kys by Tatyana Tolstaya designed

January 17
Stoloto corporate identity element designed

January 16
NITA air traffic control consoles designed

January 11
Interrelation pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 1
In 2017 Art. Lebedev Studio will continue to change and have fun


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