February 26
City Connect logo designed

February 24
Byzantine, Twig, Flower Field, Library and Wreath patterns created

February 20
Stoloto lottery results interface designed

All for a Hundred lottery logo and interface created

February 19
Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 17
Podstavkus desktop organizer designed

February 13
Gazprom Energo branch maps designed

February 12
Vspyshkus compact flash unit concept created

February 5
Rozetkus-8 created

February 4
International Exchange Center mobile website created

January 30
Septaria logo designed

January 28
Licard fuel cards advertising created

January 26
Pushe furniture factory website 2.0 designed

January 22
German Village cottage estate billboard designed

January 21
SPb typeface created

Saint Petersburg tourist logo and advertising created

January 20
Stoloto Premium Club templates designed

January 19
Promodo website templates created

January 16
Yakitoriya delivery car appearance designed

January 15
Sabidom truck fleet graphics designed

January 14
Solonkus-6 salt and pepper shaker set created

January 13
Unitile ceramic tile pattern designed

January 12
Stoloto corporate pattern created

Stoloto logo 2.0 designed

Organizational Management Thinking: Ideology, Methodology, Technology, Fourth Edition by Georgy Shchedrovitsky is now available in studio stores

January 1
In 2015 Art. Lebedev Studio will do the impossible.


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