December 25
UFS website layouts designed

December 24
Cover for The Killer by Tom Wood created

December 22
Logo and visual identity for Pioneer-Optic designed

December 19
I Was Here scratch-off world map created

December 18
Christmas poster created

December 17
Beeline mini account page layouts designed

December 16
Urnus-11 trash can created

Poster for International Exchange Center designed

December 12
Traditional December photo of Art. Lebedev Studio employees published

Modny Sezon shopping arcade advertising created

December 11
2015 Daily Planners created

December 10
Advertising campaign for the Year of Culture in Moscow. Part 2 created

December 9
Baby Club website 2.0 designed

Visual identity for New Year celebrations in Moscow 2015 created

December 8
Type design for Troparyovo Moscow Metro station created

December 5
Beeline online store layouts designed

December 4
Urnus-9 and Urnus-10 trash cans created

Skameikus-6 and Skameikus-7 outdoor benches created

December 3
The Book on the Bookshelf by Henry Petroski published

December 2
Promo website for .москва and .moscow domains 2.0 created

December 1
Ekaterinburg logo created

November 28
World Computer Graphics Day poster designed

November 27
Adventure Time festival furniture created

November 26
Zet typeface designed

November 25
November 26–30 Art. Lebedev Studio will take part in the 16th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction where it will present its designer, business and children’s books

Fartukus created

November 24
Document search system interface for Russian Standard bank designed

Katalogus 2015 published

November 21
Knopkus universal remote created

November 20
Avangard Direct website created

November 19
The Invisible Maiden by Tatyana Tolstaya cover design created

November 18
Moscow Metro pocket map 2.0 created

November 17
Madrobots and Ivi.ru TV stick designed

November 12
Immortality Roadmap series of posters created

November 11
Stoloto quick games interface designed

November 10
Medscan logo presented

November 7
Veloparkus-2 bicycle rack created

November 6
Beautiful Places of Russia 2015 calendar designed

November 5
Volleyball Federation of Russia logo and corporate identity developed

November 3
People's Unity Day poster produced

October 31
Halloween poster created

October 30
Series of booklets for Moscow walking enthusiasts created

Moscow Transport guide created

October 29
Refinish Autolak website created

October 28
Second version of Workplace logo and corporate identity designed

October 27
International Animation Day poster created

October 21
4Tochki online store templates created

October 20
The Sign in Kurgan, Russia installed

Terra-Ski Park corporate identity designed

October 18
International Stuttering Awareness Day poster created

October 17
Special project pages for the Mega iPhone app created

Moscow manhole covers designed

October 15
New single-origin coffees are now available: Java, Ethiopia, Colombia.

October 14
iMonitoring app for iPad designed

October 13
2015 calendar published

October 10
The Giant Turnip by Alisa Makarova published

October 9
Neftmagistral website designed

October 8
Optimus Popularis keyboard is now available in studio stores

Yandex.Kit corporate pattern and wallpapers created

October 7
Poster for the World Anaesthesia Day created

Third edition of Russian Management Model by Alexander Prokhorov published

October 3
Art. Lebedev Studio turned 19

October 1
Business documents for Delovye Linii designed

September 30
Visual identity for Moscow cultural centers developed

September 29
Urnus-8 street trash can designed

September 26
Promo website for .москва and .moscow domains created

September 25
October 7-8 we welcome you to try and buy our Optimus Popularis keyboard at Office 2014 at Olympia London, booth #5030

September 24
Another Year movie poster designed

September 23
Happy 17th birthday to Yandex! How time flies: we have known it since it was this little

September 22
Urnus-7 street trash can designed

September 18
Coffee with Spices pattern created

The Professional Barista’s Handbook. An Expert’s Guide to Preparing Espresso and Coffee by Scott Rao published

September 17
Postcards for Mybook.ru online library designed

The Sign in Izhevsk, Russia installed

September 16
Collectionerus website created

September 15
Skameikus-5 outdoor bench created

September 13
Poster for the World Car-Free Day created

September 12
Defendius door chain created

September 11
Yakitoriya logo and corporate identity created

September 10
Official Moscow Metro map for stations designed

September 9
On September 10 we will be serving coffee at the Brazil Independence Day reception at the residence of the Brazilian ambassador to Russia (by invitation only)

Moscow Metro logo created

September 8
Saratov tourist logo created

September 5
Moscow logo created

September 4
PayAnyWay payment service website templates designed

Art. Lebedev Studio’s travelling store and café take part in the City Day celebrations: visit us September 6 in Sokolniky park at the open air library and September 6–7 in the Hermitage Garden on the Seasons festival

September 2
Plum, blueberry and peach jams are now available in studio stores

A Pattern Language. Towns. Buildings. Construction by Christopher Alexander published

September 2 to October 15 products for office outfitting and decoration are on tour in studio stores

September 1
Sobriety Day poster created

August 29
Furniture for studio’s partner stores designed

August 28
Tula gingerbread is now available in studio stores and cafés

Efco advertising campaign created

August 27
Logo for the Comfortable City series of events designed

August 26
Moscow driving etiquette social advertising created

August 25
Dessert boxes created

August 22
Sputnik logo and corporate identity designed

August 19
The Higher School of Economics website templates 2.0 created

August 18
Independence Day of Ukraine poster designed

August 15
Beeline for Business website templates created

August 12
Rozetkus power strip test drive is now available

Higher School of Shopping section on Mega website created

August 11
Stoloto instant lottery interfaces created: Merry Starts, Let's Go, Sport Festival and Patterns on Ice.

August 4
Incredo logo and corporate identity created

August 1
Sports Enthusiast Day poster created

July 31
ISR Trans corporate pattern designed

July 29
Euclidus screensaver created

July 24
Light Worlds by Tatyana Tolstaya designed

July 23
Vegas Crocus City navigation system and corporate pattern created

July 18
Flacon Design Factory map created

July 17
Federation complex website 2.0 created

July 16
Tetra Pak website designed

July 15
The Sign in Strezhevoy, Russia installed

World Whale and Dolphin Day poster created

July 14
Stickers for our kitchen’s products designed

July 11
Lukoil Overseas intranet templates designed

July 10
Vsyo Sam vending kiosks logo and corporate identity created

Vsyo Sam vending kiosks exterior design created

Vsyo Sam vending kiosks interface created

July 9
The Sign in Korablino, Russia installed

July 7
Flicker pin illustrations created

July 3
Stoloto online lottery mall 2.0 designed

July 2
Art. Lebedev Studio Publishing House tenth anniversary poster created

July 1
10% discount on all our books in July to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Art. Lebedev Publishing House

US Independence Day poster created

June 27
Four new microfibruses produced

June 24
Skrepkus paper clips produced

June 23
Elegant website created

June 22
By Design: Why There Are No Locks on the Bathroom Doors in the Hotel Louis XIV and Other Object Lessons by Ralph Caplan published

June 20
Inventors’ and Innovators’ Day poster designed

June 18
Travel and leisure goods are on tour in studio stores June 18 to August 1

June 17
Yandex.Autopoet website layout designed

June 16
TV Shtorkus bath curtain produced

June 11
Razmetkus road display concept developed

June 10
Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Müller-Brockmann published

June 9
Train of Thought and Neatness patterns became available at our store

June 6
Russia Day poster created

June 5
Barista School opened

June 4
Pepelkus 2.0 outdoor cigarette receptacle created

June 3
Cover design for The Book That Everybody Reads by Bernard Werber created

June 2
Sergey Kulinkovich becomes a new art director at the studio

InvestCapitalBank website designed

HORS Group promo website created

June 1
Dreams Realization Point that has been working faithfully since 2007 closed down. We are always happy to see customers in our other stores

May 30
Communication services management interface for Beeline corporate clients created

May 29
Unlim 500+ festival website designed

Unlim 500+ festival logo designed

May 28
Yanic logo created

May 27
Characters, logo and packaging for Den’s Hot Dogs designed

May 26
Beeline social network app layouts created

May 23
Sparta condoms corporate identity created

May 22
Frizbus EVA flying discs created

May 21
Izhevsk city logo designed

May 20
Art. Lebedev Studio’s Big Café poster created

May 17
Pizza Pi logo and corporate identity designed

May 16
Day of Slavic Language and Culture poster created

May 15
Sex, Coffee, Cigarettes movie poster designed

May 14
The Sign in Cheboksary, Russia installed

Termofor website designed

May 12
Goodwalk mobile app created

May 7
Madrobots store interior designed

May 6
Second version of paper cups for our studio's cafés designed

May 5
Victory Day poster produced

April 30
Coffee Blend #330 created

April 28
Part two of Pavel Gerasimchuk’s Soda Machine story published in Backstage

Mnogoyarus city bench installed in Yuzhno-Primorsky park in Saint Petersburg as part of Masterskaya Skameek social project

April 24
Spring and Labor Day poster created

April 23
Floor navigation in Moscow Metro stations created

April 22
Part one of Pavel Gerasimchuk’s Soda Machine story published in Backstage

Supercashback.ru logo designed

April 18
Iskusstvus created

April 17
Russian Standard virtual bank card website designed

April 15
Easter poster designed

April 14
Cover for The Rolling Stone Interviews designed

April 11
Advertising campaign for Yandex in Belarus created

April 10
Bdbd.ru website layouts created

April 9
CIAN website templates designed

April 8
Cosmonautics Day poster designed

April 4
Staromoskovsky typeface created

Moscow street navigation system created

April 3
Corporate identity and packaging for Exotic People products created

April 2
Rosgosstrakh Museum website created

Fourth edition of The Publisher’s and Author’s Handbook by Arkady Miltchin and Ludmila Tcheltsova published. Arkady Miltchin passed away on March 22, aged 89. He was able to take part in the preparation of this edition from the first to the last page

All the proceeds from the sale of Vous mirrors, Battery thermokruzhkus mugs and White Noise shtorkus curtains will go towards the support of Dozhd TV channel. These goods can also be purchased at the channel’s store

April 1
Burus toilet paper designed

Katafotus sunglasses created

March 31
Tsiferblatus electronic city clocks designed

March 28
Logo and corporate identity for Genplan Institute of Moscow created

March 27
Fourth edition of Diary of a Maniac Designer by Yana Frank published

Wall Street logo designed

Wall Street website templates created

March 26
TransCreditBank website 2.0 designed

March 25
Corporate identity for Capsidea online analytics platform created

March 24
Logo and corporate identity for the Year of Culture in Russia created

March 21
April 1 poster designed

March 20
We will miss the great Roma Voroneshski

AirLife logo designed

March 18
Alpari corporate pattern created

March 17
Gindza logo and corporate identity created

March 14
Pulkovo Airport logo designed

Pulkovo Airport navigation system designed

Pulkovo Airport website created

March 12
Saint Patrick’s Day poster created

March 11
Pattern for MBE Saint Petersburg designed

Logo for Alfekka created

March 7
Cover for the book Spain by Andrew Whittaker designed

Lucky Ticket cookies created

March 6
Promo websites for Stoloto lotteries created

March 5
Type design for Lesoparkovaya Moscow Metro station created

March 4
Mus3 computer mouse test drive is now available

March 4 is the last day the studio café and store in the Hermitage garden are open

International Women’s Day Poster created

March 3
Bank of Russia website 3.0 designed

March 1
Maslenitsa scarecrow for Izmaylovsky park created

February 28
Website layouts for the Yandex.Spring advertising campaign created

February 27
The studio’s Store and Big Café is closed Ferbruary 27 and 28 from 10 am to 5 pm due to some sort of electrical work taking place

February 25
Packaging for the Sweet Words chocolate designed

February 24
It’s business as usual starting February 24 at the Kiev office of the studio and the store on Ploschad Lva Tolstogo. Glory to Ukraine!

February 21
Logo, corporate identity and promo website for Yandex.Kit set of mobile apps created

February 20
Maslenitsa poster created

All studio employees at the Kiev office will be working from home until at least February 23. What’s This Store is also closed until Sunday. Glory to Ukraine!

February 19
Refinish Autolak logo designed

February 18
Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 17
Sheremetyevo Airport maps designed

February 13
Pufus poufs produced

February 10
Second edition of The Pinball Effect by James Burke published

Yandex.Taxi advertisement on cars created

February 6
Websites for Gazprom affiliate companies created

Poster about breakfasts at studio cafés produced

February 5
Remit factory logo and corporate identity created

February 3
Valentine's Day poster created

January 31
Comepay logo and corporate identity designed

January 30
Groundhog Day poster designed

Polis Group logo and corporate identity created

January 29
Logos for the Workplace network designed

January 24
Appearance of Moscow heat supply stations designed

January 21
Let’s meet at the NY NOW trade show! We’ll be there for you February 2–6 at booth #7843. The show will take place at J. K. Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th street, New York City. Ask for the show-special discount.

January 15
Cover for Sembook. Ingate SEO Encyclopedia by Natalia Neelova

January 1
In 2014 Art. Lebedev Studio will knock the spots off urban design


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