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The making of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines website. Part 2

Overview   Process  

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Initial drafts.

Second try.

The idea was to break the page into halves with a wind rose in the middle. We were going to have coins scattered all around the site for visitors to pick up and insert to play.

Developing the above idea.

White background version.

Dropping the idea of the two-screen design.

Early attempts to show an exploded view of the machine.

Grid for the fleet.

Proceeding to the game itself.

Different kinds of ships.

First missile trajectory design.



The Battleship page could have looked like this.

Or this.


It was not easy to select the best angle view for this machine.

In order to show the whole of it, we used a somewhat distorted perspective.

The first front page draft rejected by Art Director.

The second front page draft rejected by Art Director.

The third draft, which got approved.

When shooting, we realized that the desired angle view would be impossible to get.

So we had to assemble the pieces.

Shooting a retro school bag.

Drafting the page featuring the Gorodki bat.

Eventually, we chose this version.

Unfortunately, we counldn’t find the real bat, so a render had to be created.

Various bat positions on the screen.

Draft of the page showing the machine’s coin mechanism.

Pseudo-draft of the skittle patterns page.

Patterns as they appeared on the machine’s front panel. We took shots and prepared them for the site.

Shooting various Gorodki figures.

Choosing a badge for the bonus game.

Sure enough, we picked the coolest one.

Drawing 1. Overall appearance of the machine.

The final design with some Art Director’s corrections.

Game design components.

Order a design...