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The making of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines website. Part 3

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Soda water machine

Trying to remember what the machines looked like in real life. Supplementing our memories by rare photos and interesting trivia from the net.

gazirovka process 01

Using the documents and books provided by the client to look up technical information that’s impossible to find on the internet.

gazirovka process 02

Starting to work on the concept.

gazirovka process 03

Deciding to show an exploded view of the machine. Assembling two states, open and closed, piece by piece.

gazirovka process 04

Drawing all the small things.

gazirovka process 06

Starting to work on the internal pages.

gazirovka process 07

Hiding the list of references behind an icon materials in the bottom right corner of the page.

gazirovka process 08

Taking all the required photos.

gazirovka process 09

Preparing technical graphics.

gazirovka process 10

The Types of Machines page.

gazirovka process 11

Deciding to show machines of different periods together, arranging them chronologically and illustrating with objects of their era.

gazirovka process 12

Gathering the required materials, drawing the machines.

gazirovka process 13

We have an idea to finish the row with a machine from the near future. Going to the industrial design department to get some sketches.

gazirovka process 14

Choosing one, asking the designer to make the shape a bit more concrete.

gazirovka process 15

Adjusting the color, drawing the machine based on the angle and lighting of the main scene.

gazirovka process 16

Moving on to background illustrations.

gazirovka process 17

Adding a teaser to the main page of the museum hinting at a new section soon to be unveiled.

gazirovka process 18

Polishing the details, opening the section.

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