4 billion 600 million years

timescale map

Popular science publications often publish information about the time when rocks and living organisms first appeared on our planet. However, it is very difficult to compare data coming from different sources. And for a person living on the Earth for an average of 72 years it’s almost impossible to perceive the giant intervals spanning millions of years. That’s why we at the studio designed a poster with a geochronological scale that helps to easily navigate through history.

Taxa divergence period

mln years

The phylogenetic diagram based on timetree.org data for 2021 shows the period of taxa divergence. Taxonomic ranks correspond to the data from the National Center for Biological Information, while time intervals correspond to the International Chronostratigraphic Chart of 2023

The inforgraphic created in the studio clearly demonstrates the development of living organisms throughout Earth’s history. One millimeter on the chronological scale is equal to two million years.

The poster helps an ordinary person unfamiliar with geochronology and stratigraphy realize the scale of evolutionary changes and feel part of the global processes.

timescale poster
Poster 251×61 cm in size

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