Identity Strategy

Brand platform, identity and research for the 585 Zolotoy jewelry chain

585 Zolotoy is a Russian chain of jewelry stores. We conducted a comprehensive study for the brand and based on its results created a brand platform, including the idea, mission, vision, values, philosophy and archetype. To solidify the changes, we refreshed the identity, maintaining the recognizable image but adding pleasant details.

To start, we found out what motivates people when they buy jewelry. Women buying for themselves seek to feel their own worth. When someone buys jewelry as a gift, they aim to emphasize the importance of the recipient—this holds true for both men and women.

585 Zolotoy aims to become a brand that gives people a sense of their own value and offers special solutions. The company acts as a wizard, constantly discovering something new and helping others fulfill their dreams.

585 logo vertical

The brand’s mission is to make as many people as possible happy and satisfied. It all starts with a woman: receiving emotional warmth, she shares it with others. The developed brand platform defined the character of all elements of the identity.

585 7

The components of the logo formed a pattern that transforms any medium into a recognizable gift.

585 4
585 8

The pattern is suitable for decorating jewelry packaging and can also be applied to jewelry boxes, champagne labels, smartphone cases, umbrellas and everything else that is enjoyable to give and receive as a gift.

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