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AB.LV Internetbank interface

[The work is in the museum]

AB.LV Internetbank is a web interface for software enabling access to the bank’s services through the Internet.

Users can customize the interface by selecting the options they need and the color scheme they prefer

AB.LV Internetbank allows the clients to receive their account statements and submit their requests and instructions to the bank. It makes it possible to access the bank and effect transactions from any Internet-connected computer not having to visit any offices.

The system aims at individuals and small businesses. AB.LV has many non-resident clients for whom Internetbank really is an excellent business tool.

AB.LV Internetbank uses software developed by the bank’s IT Department staff and the interface designed by us in compliance with the new corporate guidelines.

Release date: April 10 2002


art director
interface developer

Typefaces: Gill, Frutiger

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