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    AB.LV website for foreign clients

    Updated and supported by the bank staff

    [This work is in the museum]

    Problem. Make a site for clients from Russia and CIS.

    AB.LV is a private bank offering a wide range of financial services to the customers from abroad.

    When main page is ‘held up to the light’ a metallic bar and watermarks can be seen just like security features on banknotes.

    All standard bank information on the site is easy to access with three special pages designed for obvious purposes: ‘All tarifs’, ‘All documents’, ‘All instruments’.

    All tarifs stored in PDF format with relevant links provided

    Riga guidebook shall prove useful for clients wishing to enjoy their stay while on a business trip.

    One day in Riga

    The bank’s headquarters building well deserves being spoken of on the contact info page.

    Elizabetes iela, 23

    And as always even those who fail to find whatever they are looking for will not be too disappointed.

    Page 404 reveals security devices on the website

    Release date: October 15 2007


    art director
    technical designers
    beta tester

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Viktoria Lyapisheva for her contribution to the project

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