Aerodinamika logo

Task: to design a logo.

Aerodinamika produces inflatable figures for brands, events and festivals: from huge inflatable bottles, milk cartons and other promotional items to zeppelins. Once, the company created a 20-meter astronaut for VDNKh!

The inflatable elephant flying with its trunk down shows that Aerodinamika can make even the largest and heaviest things light.

aerodinamika docs

Some viewers think that it’s not an elephant, but rather a tiny caterpillar crawling away.

That’s fine: the company produces small inflatable decorations, too.

aerodinamika shirt

—Wait, did you really draw an inflatable figure for the logo of a company that produces inflatable figures?


—Isn’t that too straightforward?

—Not in the least.

aerodinamika weight
—Lift this!

art director

project manager

Made in 33 days
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