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Agrotek logo

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to create a logo for a producer of sausage and premade meals.

Agrotek, the leading meat processing holding of the Kamchatka Krai, has been founded in 1995. The logo created at the studio symbolizes the company’s leading position on the market and alludes to its products.

agrotek logo 1
agrotek logo 2
agrotek logo 3

Primaryadditional and monochrome versions

The logo is based on the Greek letter alpha, a symbol of superiority.

agrotek truck
At the core of the logo is a recognizable symbol

Vertical and horizontal versions of the logo are equal and are chosen depending on typesetting requirements.

agrotek plate
agrotek para fork
agrotek para green1
agrotek para green2
agrotek para green3
agrotek para cup
agrotek food mobile
Dinner set

agrotek man

type designer

project manager