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to create packaging mock-ups.

Agrotek produces sausages, frankfurters and frozen foods. Mock-ups of prominent and memorable packaging for the company’s wide range of products were created at the studio.

Labels for smoked and boiled-smoked sausages are filled with the a pattern made of the elements of the logo. Name of the product can be seen in large letters at the top of the label

Frankfurter casings are designed in a way that ensures the company’s name and logo can be seen on each frankfurter even when the pattern shifts during production

Pelmeni, pierogi, soups and main courses are offered under the Domashnee Menu range. Its packaging emphasizes the familiar taste and natural ingredients of the products.

The dish’s main ingredients—meat, fish or vegetables—define the type and color of the contour graphics.

agrotek packege dom menu

Domashnee Menu range packaging

Genre illustrations were developed for the Picnic range.

Dishes for a day outdoors

Agrotek’s colorful paper trays with signature illustrations look great on store shelves and grab attention.

Rules for the use of the packaging mock-ups are given in the guide.

Opening on the color palette

agrotek packege guide 2

Opening on label mock-ups

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