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    Making of the second version of Alpari corporate identity

    Overview   Process   Real life  

    Receiving the task from the client: to change the direction of the logo and to add the feeling of an upward trend in the charts.

    The first approach.

    alpari2 process 1

    Art-director: The cursor looks nice.

    Presenting to the client.

    alpari2 process 2

    The client likes the cursor, but would like to use it in ads instead of the logo.

    Trying other ideas.

    alpari2 process 3
    alpari2 process 4
    alpari2 process 5

    The client would like to change as little as possible. Making the lines of the logo and of the font bolder, and the colors — brighter.

    alpari2 process 6

    Compiling the brandbook.

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