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The making of the Cosmonautics Day poster (2012)

Overview   Process   Hi Res   Real Life  


12 april 2012 process 01

Art director: “Frontyard grass” {a line from the famous Russian song on astronauts being homesick up there}? Let’s keep looking.


12 april 2012 process 02

Art director: Star Wars—oh yeah! Now we need something really funny, like Master Yoda, perhaps?


12 april 2012 process 03

Art director: No pictures—no poster.

Designer: Willing the rocket to go skyrocketing.

12 april 2012 process 04

Or Tsiolkovsky? {Soviet pioneer of the astronautic theory}

12 april 2012 process 05

Art director: Not bad.

Designer: DV with a bouquet of daisies? He is the best.

12 april 2012 process 06

Art director: That’s good.

Preparing the illustration and off to production it goes.

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