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    The making of the Cosmonautics Day poster (2013)

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    We create the April 12 poster using the method of Nicola Tesla, the designer of the Tungus meteorite. The idea of the method is to hold a thought experiment that allows to quickly create and discard ideas without wasting material resources. Cosmonauts pee before start, Gagarin, infographics about space, Korolev, rockets, Yuri’s Day, flying saucers, North Korean satellite, space opera in the Bolshoi Theater, towels, Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy, Belka beats Strelka, space tourism, the new planetarium, Star Wars sold to Disney, the Mars Rover hasn’t sent news in a while, that dude who jumped down from space—all just crap. Let’s open Wikipedia and start with cosmos, the Universe and the outer space. The last article has an interesting and educational topic: “Boundaries of outer space.” The word parsec catches the eye. Hooray! The future and the hopes of mankind in a nutshell.

    als 12 april 2013 process

    Art director: Good.

    Good is good.

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