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The making of the People’s Unity Day poster (2013)

Overview   Process   Hi-Res  

The People’s Unity Day. Actually, no one really knows what this holiday is supposed to mean and where it came from. So we’re thinking about something simple and mundane. No matter what you will be doing on this day, spending time with your friends or visiting a beloved grandma, everybody will be sitting at a table glued to their phones. But the table will certainly be covered with a classic Russian tablecloth.

4 november 2013 process 1

Art director: OK.

Drawing. First we make pictures of hands and draw them. Then assemble the tablecloth pattern. Finally, we put everything together—et voilà‎.

4 november 2013 process 2
4 november 2013 process 3
4 november 2013 process 4

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