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    The making of visual identity for Avangard Direct

    Overview   Process  

    Trying to find a good place for the logo, while adding graphics along the way.

    The graphics won’t cut it. Need something simple and catchy.

    At the same time working on the presentation. The client sent us a list of activities, which are then assigned different colors.

    Typesetting the paragraphs.

    Fancy stuff.

    Art director says that we need to create contrast, with a touch of avant-garde approach. And color coding for types of activities should not be used.

    There is an idea to make icons, which could also be used as a decorative element.

    Drawing the icons, adding pleasant details. At the end, the list of activities becomes shorter, so some icons are not used.

    Setting up all the slides over again according to the art director’s wishes, and adding a truck carrying the address.

    Too technical. Simplifying a bit.

    Adding some corrections and voila, the presentation is ready.

    Starting on the business cards.

    At the same time working on stationery.

    Art director suggests adding more graphics. Looking for an appropriate solution.

    Selecting the right color and the shape of the folder’s pocket.

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