Avangard Hockey Club uniforms

Task: to create hockey uniforms for a Kontinental Hockey League club.

After returning to its home arena, Omsk Avangard adopted studio-designed red jerseys with a black shoulder arch as its home uniforms. The curve of the arch and the arrow-shaped elements refer to the image of the G-Drive Arena.

The away uniforms are traditionally white.

avangard 00005
avangard 000051
avangard 00004

A special patch on the collar recalls the history of Avangard’s arenas: Omsk, the forced move to Balashikha and finally the long-awaited return home.

avangard 00010
avangard 00011

The back of the collar is embroidered with a phrase that makes it clear: no matter where the team is, sooner or later it will always return to Omsk.

avangard 00012


The typeface used for players’ names and numbers on the jerseys was created specially for Avangard. The slant of the letters and digits echoes the pattern on the shoulders. Names are written along the arc repeating the shape of the shoulder arch, which is both beautiful and functional, as even the longest names can fit without much distortion.

avangard 00013

The digits are made from a two-layer material: the upper layer has a special perforation which makes the digits appear as if they have volume.

avangard 00014
avangard 00016

An additional style of digits was designed for placement on shoulders and helmets. It is smaller, so all elements are rendered in different, larger proportions.

avangard 00017
avangard 00018

On the back

avangard 00019

On the shoulders

Depending on the number of digits in the player’s number, a narrower or wider type is used: narrower if the number has one digit and wider if it has two.

avangard 00024
avangard 00025
avangard 000252
avangard 000253
avangard 000254
avangard 00006
avangard 00007
avangard 000255
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avangard 00029
Made in 16 days
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