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Baby Photo, Baby Garden and bilingual Baby Club logos

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Task: to come up with logos for three creative areas.

Child development centers employ professional photographers who take pictures of little visitors during their time in the club to preserve moments of inspiration for their parents, record accomplishments and celebrate bright events. Beautifully designed photo albums are given to parents while copies of photographs are used to demonstrate achievements of the club. The new logo is used in the design of photo albums, envelopes, folders and other photography-related items.

baby photo logo
The owl is in charge of making great shots

Baby Club is also actively developing its international approach and opens centers offering both regular classes and English-language lessons. In the bilingual clubs Russian children learn the second language in play while native English speakers learn to count, read and write in their mother tongue. Bilingual Baby Clubs received a logo supplemented by British symbols.

bc logo english
English for babies

When a child grows, he or she moves from Baby Club to Baby Graden where preschoolers aged 3 and older are engaged more actively. The logo of this branch reflects the character of pupils and peculiarities of their age.

Release date: April 02 2015


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baby garden logo
They know who they are dealing with
baby club sublogos bottom

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