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    The making of the Baby Club website

    Overview   Process  

    Part one. Website.

    Start designing from internal pages.

    First attempt at coloring.

    Second coloring. Adding color blocks.

    Designing the missing elements.

    That’s it for internal pages. Moving on to the main page.

    Coming up with an idea to put a flying saucer on the main page and place the text in the exhaust cloud.

    Too psychedelic, needs simplifying.

    Now we need to add details and decide on the content.

    Working on the little things.

    The evolution of the career ladder chart.

    The evolution of banners.

    Part two. Game.

    Deciding to make a mind-blowing game, dumb and pointless. You press the space, letters explode, squirrels yell. Pure fun.

    Animating characters.

    More ideas.

    Gradually adding additional modes and features, awards and stars.

    The game can’t do without dubbing and soundtrack. Asking colleagues to talk in Japanese, jump, clap hands, and smash light bulbs.


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