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The making of the Baby Club website 2.0

Overview   Process  

Getting the requirements from the client: there have to be two distinct buttons on the front page, “Open an independent club” and “Sign up for a lesson.” Starting to work by making the first sketches.

baby club site2 process 01

The first shot is a blank. Giving the task to another designer and starting from scratch. Trying to develop an idea with children dreaming. What if there’s a child sleeping and dreaming of space?

Demonstrating the concept.

baby club site2 process 02

The client likes it with the exception of clouds which are already employed by many children-related websites. We need to replace them with something else. Trying different shapes.

baby club site2 process 03

After some consideration, the client asks to add a girl in a crown, remove the pillow and make the rocket in the shape of a heart.

baby club site2 process 04

The client still likes the space idea, but is not inspired by sleeping children anymore. We need to replace their images with photos the client promised to send. Also, the buttons need to be in the shape of the moon and the sun.

On the client’s pictures children look older and livelier, which means the dreams also have to be different. Changing the concept, giving each child a personal planet.

baby club site2 process 05

It’s a miss. The client discovers that the space theme is second to clouds by popularity on websites about children and now wants two buttons and nothing else. Deciding to take a minimalist approach by drawing two buttons with new letters.

baby club site2 process 06

Art director: Alright, two buttons it is. We need to make them large.

baby club site2 process 07

The client likes the result. We start modeling. Experimenting with the edge and bevel of the buttons.

baby club site2 process 08

Another alternative is born.

baby club site2 process 09

Art director: How come the buttons look so beaten by life and not round?

Going on a quest to find the perfect rounding radius.

baby club site2 process 10

Approximating the animation.

baby club site2 process 11

Getting the final remarks from the client and sending the mock-up to the technologist for assembly.

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