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Balancia supplements name and identity

Task: to create a name and an identity for a health improvement system.

Balancia is a system for improving health through vitamins, nutrition and training. First of all, we created a name for the system that clearly conveys its purpose: achieving balance and harmony in the human body.

The system is strictly personalized: it is developed individually for each patient based on blood tests. The same principle was used in the identity created in the studio: since the prescriptions are individual for each person, the logo should also be unique for each patient.

Before the course begins, the patient’s blood is analyzed in Balancia laboratories for many parameters, including the content of essential elements.

The identity is based on 18 essential vitamins and elements which everyone needs in different quantities.

The balance of these elements determines the outline of the logo for each patient.

Maximum deviations of indicators from the average values set the color scheme.

The system allows to create an infinite number of individual logos, all of which remain recognizable and expressive.

Previously, this would have meant hundreds of manually created mock-ups and hours spent on running calculations of lab test data.

To make generating new logos and packages as simple as possible, we created a generator that turns test results into ready to use mock-ups.

Just a few clicks and individual packaging is ready. All that’s left is to print it.

Made in 117 days
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