The making of the Bitcoin Suisse AG logo and corporate identity


Sketching the first ideas and choosing those that look promising.

bitcoin process 1
bitcoin process 2

Working on the details and continuing the search.

bitcoin process 3
bitcoin process 4
bitcoin process 5
bitcoin process 6

Choosing a design to present. The artistic director asks to change the color as the current one resembles the Stone Edge Capital logo.

Changing the color and presenting.

bitcoin process 7

The clients takes some time to think. Meanwhile, the artistic director notes that the acronym BS can mean “bullshit.” Trying to change the suggested design and continuing the search.

bitcoin process 8
bitcoin process 10

The client also notes the problem with the BS acronym. Putting together a new presentation.

bitcoin process 11

The client likes both designs and chooses the first one. The art director adds some doubt and suggests to go with the second one instead.

The type designer works on the text.

bitcoin process 12

Tweaking the proportions.

bitcoin process 13

Receiving a request from the client to help with the design of additional elements of the identity. Creating a full set of stationery: letterheads, business cards, badges, account statements and forms.

bitcoin process 14

To make it easier for the company employees to maintain the style of all paperwork, creating and translating a detailed guide with templates and examples.

bitcoin process 15
bitcoin process 16
Request a design...