Bitcoin Suisse AG logo and corporate identity

Task: to create a logo and a corporate identity for a cryptocurrency broker.

Bitcoin Suisse AG manages corporate and private assets and prepares corporations and banks to work with cryptofinance. They have created a program that allows to conduct banking operations in cryptocurrencies (it is the one used by the first Swiss bank that launched bitcoin payments).

A logo celebrating Swiss quality and progressive technologies was created for the company at the studio.

bitcoin logo

The logo contains three important meanings at once.

The first, Swiss origin of the company. The logo is rendered in the colors of the national flag and the famous Swiss cross can be seen formed by the gaps between its elements.

The second, cryptocurrency. The logo clearly exhibits the bitcoin symbol with its characteristic vertical serifs.

And finally, a metaphor for profits. The straight line between the serifs symbolizes the road to a bright financial future awaiting anyone who decides to invest in cryptofinance.

In addition, the design of all paper stationery from letterheads and business cards to contracts and account statements was developed.

bitcoin composition

A detailed guide on the use of the logo and the corporate identity was created for the employees of the company.

bitcoin guide 1
bitcoin guide 2

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