Bitcoin Suisse AG presentation

Task: to design a presentation for a cryptocurrency broker.

Bitcoin Suisse is Switzerland’s oldest crypto broker whose platform supports 125 currencies. The Swiss even use it to pay their utility bills.

A presentation that explains complex cryptocurrency issues in a beautiful and clear way was designed at the studio.

Lapidary mountains convey the beauty of the Swiss landscape.

bitcoinsuisse slides 02

Thanks to the light gray objects with red inserts, the main points of the presentation become informative and weightless, just like cryptofinance itself.

bitcoinsuisse slides 03_

A special feature of all charts is the colored front cut that brings pleasant accents to the presentation.

bitcoinsuisse slides 04
bitcoinsuisse slides 05
bitcoinsuisse slides 06
bitcoinsuisse slides 07
bitcoinsuisse slides 08

Simple allegorical icons support the volumetric style.

bitcoinsuisse slides 09
bitcoinsuisse slides 010

The presentation is completely Swiss in its freshness, continuing the style of wonderful Bitcoin Suisse website templates previously developed at the studio.

bitcoinsuisse all
bitcoinsuisse footer
Made in 12 days
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