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    The making of the Bolshoi grand re-opening campaign

    Overview   Process   Real life  

    Searching for that prima-concept. For the artwork-like presentation let’s lift a curtain of the renewed theater.

    We can engineer an external structure to time the image changing to build anticipation for the big event.

    No, we have to go back to static picture as the customer disapproves of the external structure.

    Testing the new composition on different media.

    Too much black is dead boring. Paving the opening in front of the building to ground the image.

    Completing the draft construction.

    Sourcing Bolshoi 3-D model from Ilya Varlamov.

    Adjusting colors and lighting.

    Examining the reliefs to be placed upfront.

    Bolshoi in progress.

    Now the curtain.

    Selecting colors and textures.

    Composing. Coloring and draping continues.

    Looking for more options and bringing in more staff to the project for that extra creative muscle.

    Curtains audition.

    Now, just place the sponsors’ logos according to their hierarchy and we’re all set for the show.


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