Bulochnaya logo

Task: to design a logo.

There is a small bakery in the center of Minsk which sells bread “just like in the USSR and with no bourgeois excess,” and also coffee and tea to go. The owners are certain that their pastries and cakes are just as tasty, fragrant and high-quality as those once sold in Soviet canteens.

The name of the bakery is Bulochnaya.


What is there more Soviet than the infinitely dear and familiar, soft as grandma’s cheek, promising warmth and care, inspiring for adventurous feats, fragrant, tender loaf of white bread with a seductive crust?

bulochnaya cards

The loaf is surrounded by the dynamically typeset name of the company.

bulochnaya city

The sun is shining, the birds are signing, the wheat is earing, the logo is used on signs, business cards and uniforms and makes Bulochnaya a hundred times more recognizable.

art director

project manager

Made in 13 days
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