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The making of the Bank of Russia website 3.5

Overview• Process

Getting the task: we need to update the Bank of Russia website to match the new corporate identity. Asking for all documents and guidelines, studying them, defining the scope of work. We need to adapt the style without making any structural changes to the website.

cbr site4 process 1

Making the first attempt.

cbr site4 process 2

The art director approves. Showing to the client and receiving feedback. Adding color accents and the forgotten block of upcoming events. Making changes to the mobile version.

cbr site4 process 3

Creating an accessible version of the website to make life easier for visually impaired users. Making the typeface larger, getting rid of colors and complex graphic elements, coming up with recommendations on the use of images.

cbr site4 process 4

Making all icons simpler and more contrasting.

cbr site4 process 5

Creating the best pictogram for the visually impaired version.

cbr site4 process 6

The client asks to show publication dates for documents. Adding dates and fixing links to files.

cbr site4 process 7

When working on the page about collectors’ coins and banknotes, experimenting with pop-up windows with enlarged fragments.

cbr site4 process 8