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    Bank of Russia website 3.0

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    Task: to create a website for the main bank of Russia.

    The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) was founded in 1990 as a successor to the State Bank of the USSR. Today it is the only organization with the authority to print money, develop and implement state monetary policy, issue licenses to other banks and lend to them, establish rules for financial arrangements, manage gold and foreign currency reserves, determine official currency exchange rates and approve the graphic symbol of the ruble. Functions and activity of the Central Bank are stipulated in a special law.

    cbr site main
    Vast array of data in a convenient package

    The section structure was substantially revised, all pages were recreated from scratch based on a unified design. Access to the materials is made simple with the help of a secondary navigation system. All tables are typeset without excess elements, and the interfaces allow using devices with any screen resolution.

    cbr site dkp
    Reading bank information is now pure pleasure

    Release date: March 03 2014


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Valentin Loschinin
    Sergey Kulinkovich
    Lyudmila Lyalina
    Stepan Khabardin
    interface designers
    Ivan Olenkevich
    Bogdan Kravtsov
    Alyona Malashenko
    Ekaterina Talashova
    Aleksandr Samilyak
    Konstantin Tomashevich
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    project managers
    Nina Lubysheva
    Petr Afanasev
    Andrey Gundyrev

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