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The making of the Bank of Russia website 3.0

Overview   Process  

Studying the current website. The internet presence of the bank has an extremely complex branching structure, the pages are full of tables, graphs, diagrams and archives. Starting to work on the design concept. Making accessing information easier, creating a handy navigation system, adding breadcrumbs navigation to every page. Presenting the concept. The client likes it all.

cbr site process 01

Planning the templates for the main pages of the website.

cbr site process 02

Moving on to drawing the pages. Considering the ways to present tables with large amount of data. We can hide the menu to increase screen space and highlight table lines when the mouse is moving over them.

cbr site process 03

Polishing the details.

cbr site process 04

Making sure all pages are typeset correctly.

cbr site process 05

Order a design...