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Choco mobile app

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Task: to combine all services into one superapp.

The service that brings together Kazakhstan’s various digital services, has already received a wonderful new identity. Now the time has come to design the superapp itself which people will use to order food, buy airline tickets, make doctor’s appointments and much more.

The welcome screen is simple and effective. It shows a shiny logo and explains all features of the application.

The main screen contains the most relevant and useful information: discounts, order details, links to individual services, challenges and everything else that’s important to the user right now.

The idea of sweet life from the identity can also be seen in the app, even in standard elements such as the counter of Choco points, the app’s internal currency.

choco 836b

Foil textures resemble chocolates in colorful wrappers.

Each of the services in the superapp is unique in its functionality and appearance. By combining standard blocks, it’s easy to assemble a dozen of screens without ever repeating yourself.

A special section of the app is Challenges. It contains tasks which, when completed, give users bonuses in the form of cashback, a discount or something else. The section offers a lot of challenges that encourage users to activate new services.

The application amazes with its scope and functionality. An entire design system had to be created to fulfill all the requirements of the superapp.

Made in 81 days
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