Choco identity

to create a festive identity for a super-app.

Choco Family is a Kazakhstani digital holding company that has already launched many digital services. The services are all super useful, but every one of them has existed on its own. Now all the services are gathered into one super-app, an application that immerses the user into the company’s ecosystem. The identity of the app created int the studio helps users and the company itself to go through the difficult process of transformation.

The key element of the identity is a heart. This image has been used by the holding before, but now it has gained weight and volume, becoming more realistic. After all, Choco services have long pulled their weight in the real world.

The shiny foil texture turns the 3D heart into a candy, a great image for the holiday. In addition, the candy reminds us of sweet life and refers to the original name of the company, Chocolife. The continuity of times and companies, just what we need!

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Made in 107 days
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