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Coffee blend #315

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Task: to produce a new coffee blend.

Made of Arabica beans exclusively—50% Brazilian, 30% Columbian, and 20% Ethiopian—our coffee blend #315 is ideal for espresso and espresso-based drinks. The beans are roasted separately and are blended later. This generous bag with a full kilogram of coffee will serve the brew-lovers in a café, restaurant, hotel, or office.

coffee 315 1kg package
Over two pounds of coffee in a bag with degassing valve

0.44 Lb. bag is perfectly sized to keep the beans fresh for those enjoying coffee at home.

coffee 315 200g package
0.44 Lb. bag of coffee

Use it for a shot of espresso to experience a full, well-rounded flavor with delicate aromas of hazelnut, sweet touch of nougat, and fresh citrusy note yielding to a rich dark chocolate aftertaste.

Release date: July 11 2012


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