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    Coffee blend #302

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to produce our own coffee blend.

    Studio’s custom espresso blend has a full bold flavor and a pleasant aftertaste. The blend’s recipe employs Arabica beans in the following proportions: 30% from Costa Rica, 30% from Brazil, and 40% from Ethiopia. Different beans are roasted separately and mixed together afterwards. Trying to crack this perfect recipe took a year of our research and trial, but we did achieve the needed taste profile.

    coffee 302 1kg package
    Vented foil bag secures the best quality and the best aroma of the coffee beans

    The flavor truly blooms in about ten days after roasting and stays there for another couple of weeks. This is exactly why we roast our coffee twice a month in small batches, the freshness we achieve is so worth it.

    coffee 302 1kg corns 01

    New format of our signature coffee blend #302 packs one hundred grams of the potent beans. It’s sized for a home kitchen, so you’ll go through a bag just in time to ensure the maximum freshness of the product.

    coffee 302 100g package
    One hundred grams of goodness bagged and ready to be enjoyed

    Our special foil bag seals in the rich aroma and shields the beans from humidity for up to 18 months. The flavor, however, is at its pick for about three-four weeks from the date of roasting, so check your package.

    Release date: July 14 2011


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